Front Office Administrator

Management, Full Time, with 80000.00 GBP salary per annum, in Retail industry
90001, Los Angeles, US


Diploma or higher grade, of Graduate or greater education level, w/o driver's licence. Previous experience is not required.


At Ablagon, We are currently looking to hire someone new as a Front Office Administrator (“FOA”) position. This FOA will provide general reception coverage, pantry set up, and other tasks.
The FOA will provide pantry setup from 8:30 am and then reception coverage from 9 am – 4:30 pm at a minimum, with the ability to start earlier and/or end later if requested. In addition to completing pantry set up and reception coverage, the FOA’s primary responsibilities include the tasks listed on the following pages.

Pantry setup
    •    Make coffee
    •    Stock and restock snacks and drinks
    •    Unpack snack and drink deliveries
    •    Order appropriate amounts of snacks and beverages
    •    Maintain pantry and office supply inventory sheets
    •    Position snacks to ensure consumption before expiration date

Receiving and situating guests
    •    Receive, situate guests, offer beverages, notify hosts
    •    Receive vendor, couriers, housekeeping, etc.
    •    Add visitors’ names to security system
    •    Answer main phone line

Monitoring and maintain safety and appearance of space
    •    Including maintaining appearance and supplies of conference rooms, including the whiteboards
    •    Tidy and organize pantry closets and cabinets
    •    Manage access cards

Other tasks
    •    Sort mail in an efficient and timely manner, set up UPS labels
    •    Place building maintenance requests
    •    Contact vendors for repairs/maintenance
    •    Ensure valid insurance certificate when necessary
    •    Backup assistance for reserving cars, travel, expense reports, timesheets, presentations, and databases
    •    Manage and check conference room databases to avoid double bookings
    •    Assist team members with meeting planning (e.g., schedule meetings, reserve conference rooms, handle catering requests, enter visitors in security system, etc.)
    •    Prepare and maintain conference rooms (e.g., set up conference calls and video conferences, arrange other AV equipment, work with office services to configure rooms, stock supplies, etc.)
    •    Maintain multiple databases (e.g., room reservations database, daily security access list)
    •    Other Office Services tasks

The Candidate
The ideal candidate will have the following background, skills, and attributes.
    •    Undergraduate degree preferred
    •    High proficiency in typing, data entry, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are required for this position
    •    Have 2 to 3 years of receptionist or administrative assistant experience in a busy corporate environment
    •    Must have experience in a customer-service role and must enjoy that aspect of prior work experience
    •    Must be willing to perform other Office Services tasks, such as wiping up spills, mopping floors, etc.
    •    Excellent organizational skills and high level of attention to detail are necessary for success in this role
    •    Must have the ability to learn, absorb, and apply new information and skills, especially technical skills quickly
    •    Must have ability to easily juggle multiple tasks
    •    Must be proactive, resourceful, entrepreneurial, and self-directed
    •    Must have strong interpersonal skills, including motivation to be a team player
    •    Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, are necessary to succeed

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